Web Programming & Development
Hawkeye Community College

Create Web Applications

In today's world, the Internet is part of nearly everything! The Web Programming and Development program provides teaching for skills in web application development. The program uses a hands-on approach to teach students web application development to plan, implement, test, troubleshoot, and maintain web applications. Students complete team-based projects within the program.

Students create multiple real-world websites and web applications with exposure to various languages such as JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, ASP.NET C#, and SQL. Students use current web standards throughout the program, and developing trends such as responsive web design are examined. Through the support of local businesses, students gain exposure with a required internship.



HTML is a markup language that is used for creating web pages. HTML is the core language and one you will use through the program. All web pages use HTML. HTML5 is the current standard and is taught in the program.


CSS is used for describing the presentation of web pages. HTML is the structure and CSS is the pretty. The two lanugages working together create beautiful and functional web sites. CSS3 is the current standard and is taught in the program.


PHP or hypertext preprocessor is defined as an HTML-embedded scripting language that is used to write web pages. An example of PHP is a script that displays the date in a website. This is one of the languages taught in the program.


ASP.NET is an open-source server-side web application framework designed to produce dynamic web pages and was developed by Microsoft. This language is taught using C# for web development.


SQL (pronounced "ess-que-el") stands for Structured Query Language. SQL is used to communicate with a database. This language is core to creating dynamic data driven web sites.

Web Applications

A web application is a combination of HTML, CSS, a database, and a programming language. These elements working together can create a dynamic data driven web application.



PHP: Web App

PHP: Movies
This example is used to help teach php to students, including concepts from simple data displays to logins and admin pages. This application is constantly updated.

JavaScript: Game

JavaScript: Hunt the Chupacabra!
MJ created this game based upon a game she played as a kid called Hunt the Whumpus. This version uses JavaScript to create the game.

JavaScript: Game

JavaScript & CSS: Tic Tac Toe
MJ created this tic tac toe game to showcase using JavaScript to change CSS coding.



Hawkeye Gamers Club

Web: HGC

Hawkeye Gamers Club is a social club where we get together and play games.

Also, the web site was created and recently updated by students.

Web Development Club

The Web Development Club is a program based club for students in the Web Programming & Development. The club's main purpose is to provide additional opportunities for learning and practice.

Currently, club members are practicing their skills learned in the program.